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At IVoT Academy we teach a basic life skill called money management. Our goal is to help (you) become skilled with money as the tool to build a good (financially based) life for yourself and your family. Through our IVoT tools and training you can in a matter of months become financially knowledgeable and set yourself on a path to financial independence.

Ask the Right Questions
First we need to help you understand your personal money system.  We have to get the answers to questions that only you have so we can help you create your personal solution. 

How do you make money?
How much do you need to live on?
Is there a lifestyle to which you aspire?
Is the money you have working for you?
How much debt do you have?
Do you know the difference between good and bad debt?

Answers Based on Sound Financial Principals
Warren Buffett, the "Oracle of Omaha"  espouses and practices specific financial skills and strategies  grounded in fundamental financial principals that have inspired The IVoT Method and our philosophy of money management. Our tools and training make this approach accessible and enable you to practice a sound fundamental approach in your personal and professional life. 

Learn to Manage Your Personal Money System

At IVoT we teach that you are a type of money system. How you manage the money that flows into (in) and out of your system each month impacts your present life and your future. By understanding your current situation, stresses and your aspirations you can begin to craft your system and your path. 

IVoT Financial Tools are Easy to Use Yet Powerful
In IVoT Training we teach you how to use our IVoT Financial Tools to manage your money, create your financial path and secure your financial future, and our tools do all of the math for you!

See Your Situation Clearly
Setup your IVoT Personal Money System Tool and see how your current money system works. This will help you understand  your current financial situation. 

Fix Your Money System
Learn how to use your Personal Money System Tracker  along with our training modules to build and implement solutions and strategies to make your system run effectively.

Create Your Personal Financial Path
Once you have implemented your Personal Money System, you can craft your plan to meet your longer term needs, goals and aspirations. Learn to use our Personal Money System Forecaster to map your path. Where do you want to go? Our tool will show you how long it will take to get there and help you find ways to accelerate your path to financial freedom.

Run Your Investment Program
Learn how to use our IVoT Portfolio Management Tool to see how you can move yourself down your path by building up your  investment income stream. Spend a few hours each week managing your money to achieve financial freedom. 

Help Others
As a skilled IVoTer, walk in the world knowing you have a solid fundamental relationship with money, that you see your own situation and the world around you clearly. Use this clarity to help your friends and family. Apply your knowledge to all money systems: in your personal and professional life. You will be more effective working in any type of money system - business, government, charity and more.  

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